Wooden box with 3 bottles of Passion wine (1 red – 1 white – 1 sweet)

Wooden box with 3 bottles of Passion wine (1 red – 1 white – 1 sweet)

Origin: Chile
Abv: 13.5%
Volume: 750ml
Specification: 4 boxes/carton


This is Passion’s new breakthrough, when for the first time Passion introduces the SWEET WINE sweet wine line suitable for women and wine beginners. With a sweet taste, easy to drink and outstanding aroma, it will make the drinker super happy as soon as they touch their lips. “Sweet like the first kiss”

Passion Sauvignon Blanc is a soft, nutritious and easy to drink wine produced by Chile’s finest wineries. Depending on the weather, Sauvignon Blanc grapes give different flavors, for example cool climates, grapes tend to produce wines with noticeable acidity and “green flavors” of grass and bell peppers. green and pear with some tropical fruits and flowers. In warmer climates it can grow a lot of tropical fruit but runs the risk of losing a lot of its aromatics from overripeness, leaving only a few grapefruit and fruit (such as peaches). For those who are new to wine, this is a perfect glass of wine because it is not too complicated and easy to drink because of its simple taste.

Passion Cabernet Sauvignon will draw you in with its attractive and vivid crimson color. Its taste is delicious and elegant, moderate acidity and aromas of black currant, tomato leaves and bold spices and cedar wood, highlighted by strong tannins, personality, helping the wine to linger. store for a very long time. When drinking the wild flavor of berries will spread throughout your glass, bringing a very pleasant feeling.